Our district uses AESOP substitute placement system.
AESOP Quickstart Guide for Teachers
AESOP Quickstart Guide for Substitutes (pdf)
AESOP Sub Basic Training Video


C.E. Schools Substitute's Informational Booklet (2017-18)

To substitute with us you must have:
  • completed a minimum of two years of college
  • Application form fully completed [electronic]
  • Resume
  • Copies of college transcript(s)
  • Letters of reference (2) [our form or relevant letters you have]
  • Maine CHRC Approval
  • Background check (done by district after application received)
  • School nurse substitutes must be Maine licensed RNs
Upon receipt of your completed application, a brief interview is scheduled by a district administrator. Interviews are scheduled only after applications are complete and as time permits in the administrators' schedules.

Substitute procedure CGC-R

CHRC Approval is good for 5 years and then must be renewed. The State does not send out renewal reminders. To check the expiration date of your CHRC follow this link
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