Mission and Vision

Mission, Vision & Values (PDF)

1. Payroll/Benefits 

 see also Payroll/Contracts page 

It is the EMPLOYEE’S responsibility to ensure that appropriate benefits and coverage’s are in place at all times to protect the individual and his/her family. The payroll department should, therefore, be apprised of any changes in family, marital and/or dependent status. Employees should be aware that an I.R.S. Section 125 Salary Reduction Program is offered. 

1.1. Salaries

Payroll checks are issued on a biweekly basis every other Friday. Employees are required to have their pay directly deposited to the credit union or bank of their choice. Direct deposit may take up to two pay schedules to be activated by the bank. Therefore, please check your paycheck envelope when you receive it. The rate of pay for both hourly and salaried employees is paid in accordance with negotiated contract agreements.

Please note that any adjustments to tax withholdings or deductions must be made by contacting the payroll department. Timesheets are required for all non-professional employees as well as substitutes and tutors. Lastly, all timesheets are to be approved and submitted to the Central Office no later than 10:00 a.m. the Monday of the week that a paycheck is issued.

1.2. Benefits

The School Department offers a comprehensive benefits package, which includes such items as sick leave, personal leave, bereavement leave, and both temporary and extended leaves of absence. In addition, the School Department also offers staff development and credit reimbursement opportunities for both teaching and support staff employees. Please refer to the individual negotiated agreements for further details. 

1.3. Insurance

The School Department offers health, dental and life insurance, the cost of which is shared by the School Department and its employees. In addition, worker’s compensation, unemployment compensation and liability insurance is provided as required by contract and state law. Once again, please refer to the negotiated agreements for the current cost and cost sharing formula.

1.4. Aesop

You will receive login information regarding this automated service that simplifies and streamlines the process of recording absences and finding substitutes. All employees are required to record their absences in AESOP. Please note that this program is to be used for all absences. The service is available to you 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

1.5. Worker’s Compensation

Any work-related injury must be reported immediately to your supervisor. An accident/injury report must be filled out and submitted to the school nurse within 48 hours of the injury. The school nurse will then submit the accident/injury report to the Superintendent’s office to be filed with the worker’s compensation insurance company.

The school department has a preferred provider that manages work-related injuries or illnesses. If an employee feels he/she needs medical attention due to a work-related injury, please contact Arlene in the Superintendent’s office to make an appointment for you. If it is an emergency, please do not hesitate to go to the Emergency room or dial 911. In this case, please let Arlene know as soon as possible that you have done so.

If you are absent from work due to a work-related injury, please notify Arlene at the Superintendent’s office of this. It is pertinent that she receives this information in a timely manner. 

1.6. Master's Degree Requirement

Effective July 1, 2014, any teacher hired on or after July 1, 2014 who has a bachelor’s degree but has not earned a master’s degree, shall be required to obtain a master’s degree within 7 years from the teacher’s date of employment with the Cape Elizabeth School Department. This master’s degree must receive prior written approval from the Superintendent pursuant to Section 15-4 of the agreement.

Effective September 1, 2000 any teacher with fewer than 15 years of teaching experience as of September 1, 2000, who has a bachelor’s degree but has not earned a master’s degree, shall be required to obtain a master’s degree or satisfactorily complete a 30 credit, planned program of coursework/learning institutes (of which no more than 15 credits shall be required to be earned through graduate level coursework) and pre-approved by the Superintendent and reviewed the President of the CEEA within 12 years of September 1, 2003 or from the teacher’s date of employment with the Cape Elizabeth School Department. This master’s degree or bachelor’s +30 requirement must receive prior written approval from the Superintendent pursuant to Section 15-4 of the agreement.  

The contract of a teacher who fails to satisfy this requirement shall not be renewed by the Board, it being agreed that such failure by itself shall constitute just cause for non-renewal. A teacher may apply to the Superintendent for an extension of the deadline imposed by this article in the event of extraordinary extenuating circumstances. The decision regarding the extension in the event of extraordinary extenuating circumstances is final and appealable to the school board but not arbitrable. (Teachers' bargaining agreement, Article XX) 


2. Teacher Supervision and Evaluation Plan


3. Health and Safety

A school nurse is available full time in each school building to provide direct care, assessment and treatment for students and staff who are ill or injured. We also administer scheduled and unscheduled medications, implement health plans for students with chronic conditions, consult with teachers, and promote a healthy and safe school environment through support of staff and student wellness initiatives. The school nurses work directly with school personnel, families and community health care providers to ensure that all students are able to participate in their school day.

Any employee who is injured during the work day must complete an Accident Report within 24 hours. If treatment is needed you are required to see our occupational health provider. Your school nurse can help you with the required paperwork and procedure.

An administrative assistant/health records clerk serves the district and is based at the High School. She is available to answer questions related to health records and procedures. 

For more information about Cape Elizabeth School Department Health Services, follow the Health link found on the district web site.

4. Policies 

The Cape Elizabeth School Department expects that ALL employees will perform assigned duties diligently, professionally and efficiently and in compliance with all district policies and procedures as well as all federal and state laws.  Policies are subject to change throughout the year and it is the employee's responsibility to be aware of those changes.

Excerpts from Policy manual are listed belowAC - Nondiscrimination/Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action

ACAA - Harassment and Sexual Harassment of Students

ACAA-R - Student Nondiscrimination/Harassment Complaint Procedure 

ACAB - Harassment and Sexual Harassment of School Employees

ACAB-R - Employee Nondiscrimination/Harassment Complaint Procedure

ADC - Tobacco Use and Possession

EEA - Student Bus Transportation

EEAEAA - Drug & Alcohol Testing of Bus Drivers/Guidelines

EEAEAA/-R - Drug & Alcohol Testing of Bus Drivers Administrative Procedure

EGAD - Copyright Compliance

EGAD-R - Copyright Compliance Administrative Procedure

GA  - Personnel Goals

GBEBB - Staff Conduct with Students

GBEC - Drug Free Workplace

GBO - Family Care Leave

GCOA - Supervision and Evaluation of Professional Staff

GCQC - Resignation of School Employees

GCSA - Employee Computer and Internet Use/Rules

GCSA/-R - Employee Computer and Internet Use/Rules Administrative Procedure


GDO - Support Staff Evaluation

ICAA - Religious Holidays

IHBAA - Referral/Pre-referral of Students with Disabilities

IHOA - Student Travel and Field Trips (includes request & parent consent forms)

IJND - School District Website/Guidelines

IJND-R - School District Website/Guidelines Administrative Procedure

IJNDB - Student Computer and Internet Use/Rules

IJNDB-R - Student Computer and Internet Use/Rules Administrative Procedure

JICB - Care of School Property

JICIA - Weapons, Violence and School Safety

JICK - Bullying and Cyberbullying

JK - Student Discipline

JLCE - First Aid

JRA - Student Education Records and Information

JRA-E - Annual Notice of Student Education Records and Information Rights

KI - Visitors to the Schools

KLD - Public Complaints about School Personnel

5. Procedures

5.1. Purchasing & Contracting Procurement Code of Conduct


5.2. Purchase Orders UPDATED 4.21.16

All purchases must have prior approval from your Supervisor.

Purchase Orders are the best process to use to guarantee that your purchase has been approved and that the money is set aside to pay for it when the invoice comes in.

A purchase order is to be prepared prior to purchasing the following, but not limited to:

  • Textbooks
  • Consumable Supplies
  • Equipment/Computers and Software
  • Equipment Rentals/Repairs
  • Registration for Conferences
  • Any purchase over $50.00

 P.O. Process:

  1. Purchase orders must be obtained from the principal/building administrator’s office.
  2. The PO must be filled out with all the information requested and signed by the administrator/supervisor.
  3.  Send PO to the Business Office for the business manager’s approval and signature.
  4. The ‘Office Copy’ (yellow) will remain in the Business (accounts payable) Office. The remainder of the PO will be returned to the building administrator.
  5. The ‘Original PO’ (white) is to be forwarded to the vendor when an order is placed. No order is to be placed until it has been approved by the building administrator and business manager. When phoning in an order, make sure the vendor has, and uses, the PO number.
  6. The ‘Principal’s Copy’ (pink) is to be retained in a purchase order file in each building administrator’s office.
  7.  The ‘Receiving Copy’ (green) is to be held in the building administrator’s office until shipments are received for comparison with shipment’s packing list.
a.  As shipments are received, they should be checked to verify quantity/quality. Any discrepancies should be noted on the green copy.
b.  If shipments are found to be in good condition and complete, the green copy should be initialed and forwarded to the Business Office for processing.
c.  If the items received are part of a larger order and we will be invoiced for a partial order, photocopy your green copy and mark those items received. Forward this copy to the Business Office for processing and payment.

8.   When the shipment is complete, forward the initialed green copy.  Business Office accounts payable staff will compare the green/receiving copy with their yellow/file copy before any payments are made.

5.3. Check Requests  UPDATED 4.21.16

The Check Request form may be used for the following situations:

·        Payment of Invoices not on a Purchase Order

·        Reimbursement for mileage

·        Reimbursement for supplies that cannot be purchased with a purchase order

Ø Reimbursement for purchases must be pre-approved by your building administrator

Check Request Process:

Requests for checks are submitted to the Business Office. Checks are printed on Wednesdays. In order for your check to be processed, we must receive your request no later than 2:00PM Tuesday.

Before a check will be issued a Check Request Form must first:

1.     Be approved and signed by your building administrator.

2.     Indicate an account number.

·      Original Itemized receipts must be attached

·      Mileage must be accurate; toll receipts must be attached

·      Tax and tips will not be reimbursed

3.     Be signed by the Business Manager.

5.4. Conference Approval Request form  UPDATED 4.21.16

5.5. Travel / Mileage and Reimbursement see also Check Requests  UPDATED 4.21.16

5.5.1.     Mileage /Travel Reimbursement Request Form

Travel/Mileage and Reimbursement Process:

1.  Hotel reservations are made by the Business Office on the School Department’s credit card.  When reservations are needed, a signed and coded Request for HOTEL Reservation form must be submitted to the Business Office. 

2.  Flight reservations may be made by the Business Office on the School Department’s credit card.  When reservations are needed, a signed and coded Request for FLIGHT Reservation form must be submitted to the Business Office. If you have specific preferences, you may use our public computer at the Business Office to make the reservations personally and use the School Department's credit card.

3.  Mileage will be reimbursed at the rate of thirty (.30) cents per mile. Tolls will be reimbursed only if original receipts are attached. 

3.  Cab fare, public transportation and parking fees will be reimbursed only if original receipts are attached. Tax and tip are not reimbursable  

4.  Meal reimbursements, not including bar tabs, will not exceed $43.00 per day.   Detailed receipts must be attached – not just credit card receipts. Tax and tip are not reimbursable

                                Printable TRAVEL EXPENSE FORM   UPDATED 4.21.16

5.  Cash advances are not allowed.


5.6. Course Pre-approval & Reimbursement

Includes link to Professional Learning Plan for Master's Degree form.

6. Leave Requests (prof development, sick, personal, etc.)

Aesop is the software system used to request, approve and track all types of leave requests as provided for in your bargaining agreement. Some requests may require communication with the Superintendent prior to approval. Please check your bargaining agreement document for specifics.

7. Technology Information


8. Community Services

9. http://www.capecommunityservices.org

10. Facilities & Transportation


11. Certification

General Information

The present state law provides for the monitoring of certification renewal for teachers and administrators to be handled at the local level.  The individual district or region’s certification renewal plan is developed and approved locally and then sent to the State Department of Education for approval. Once approved, the local committee becomes an agent of the state to oversee the process and make a recommendation to the Commissioner regarding certification renewal. Separate plans are in effect for Cape Elizabeth’s teachers/ed techs and administrators. Each plan is available on the web site. (See “Staff Resources”)

Professional Learning Community Support System Steering Committee (Certification Cmte)


According to our local teacher certification renewal plan, the committee will be made up of six members. Four teachers will be selected, one each from: the elementary school, the middle school, the high school, and the executive committee of the teachers' association.  The administrator will be selected from the membership of the District Leadership Team.  The certification coordinator will serve as the chairperson and a nonvoting member of the committee.  The five voting members will serve staggered two (2) year terms to ensure consistency.

The committee will meet monthly from September through June to approve Teacher Action Plans, Professional Renewal Plans, and Pre-Approval Forms for activities to be included in TAPs or PRPs (forms on web site) and to make recommendations regarding certification renewal to the Department of Education.

 In October, the Committee will hold an orientation meeting to provide information to new staff and those whose certification is expiring within the next two years.

Educational Technicians

According to our local plan, this sub committee will be made up of four members: the PLCSS Steering Committee Chairperson (a non-voting member), the Association representative to the PLCSS, and two educational technicians selected to represent their membership (one from the Pond Cove/Middle School complex and one from the High School.)

This sub committee will meet 6 times a year, in September, November, January, February, April and June to review pre-approvals, documentation, and renewal applications and to make recommendations regarding Authorization renewals. 

Staff Responsibilities

It is the staff person’s responsibility to maintain appropriate certification/authorization for the area(s) in which he/she is employed. 

Any activities for certification/authorization renewal MUST be approved by the committee PRIOR to the beginning of the activity. Activities may be approved in two ways:

·      Incorporated into your renewal plan.

·      Submitted on a Pre-Approval Form. (Example: If an activity included in your plan is to attend an activity/workshop about a particular subject area, but the activity/workshop specifics were not named, you need to submit a form once the details are determined.)


Committee Membership

The Committee will meet each month at 3:15 p.m. in Town Hall. The October meeting is held in the schools.

High School - Teacher  Christine Newell
 Middle School - Teacher  Kathleen Walsh
 Pond Cove - Teacher  Mary Dulac
 CEEA Representative  Mark Ashe
 Administrator Representative  Kelly Hasson
 High School - Ed Tech  
 Middle School - Ed Tech  
 Committee Chairperson  

Teacher Certification & Educational Technician Authorization Renewal Plan

12. Volunteer Services & Mentor Programs

For more information on the volunteer and mentor program please see the Volunteer Opportunities page.

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