If you are planning to take any courses during the 2018-2019 fiscal year (Summer of 2018, Fall of 2018, and Spring of 2019), please click on the following link to print out a Preapproval for Course Reimbursement form, have your Principal/Supervisor sign it, and return it to Angel Forrest in the Central Office for the Superintendent’s approval.  These forms must be returned prior to February 1, 2018.  Due to the need to incorporate an accurate number into the budget, any course preapproval requests received after February 1, 2018 may not be reimbursed.

If you are unsure of the specific course(s) you will be taking in 2018-2019, give a general description of the course(s) and its relation to a planned degree or other program approved by the Superintendent, and number of credit hours.

Copies of approved forms will be returned to staff members by March 2nd, 2018.  If you submit a form and have not received a copy by March 9th, please contact Angel Forrest to check its status.

Also, if applicable, please follow the link to the Change of Status Form, fill it out and return it to Angel Forrest in the Central Office.


  1. Any employee who wants to take a university course eligible for reimbursement must first fill out a “Preapproval for Course Reimbursement” form.  These forms are provided to each employee in January.  Preapproval forms must be filled out and approved prior to February 1, 2018 for the following fiscal year (Summer of 2018, Fall of 2018 and Spring of 2019).  
  2. The form must be signed by the individual’s building principal (teachers, educational technicians, and secretaries), the Special Education Director (special education teachers and educational technicians), or the Business Manager (all other support staff).  The form is then forwarded to the Superintendent for approval.  A copy of the form will be returned to the employee for his/her records.
  3. When the course has been completed, the employee submits to the Central Office 
    1. a copy of the course grade report 
    2. a copy of the itemized bill for tuition and fees, original bookstore receipt(s) for required texts 
    3.  a completed Check Request form along with a copy of their signed course approval form
  4. As soon as Angel Forrest in the Central Office has received all paperwork, a check will be issued, and the paperwork will be included in the employee’s personnel file.

    For more information, please refer to your current bargaining agreement.

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